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Step 2: Choose a Child


Individual Fund

Complete the form below choosing the region of Africa from which you wish to support a child; a password-protected list of children in that region will be sent to you.

Good selection for an individual, a family, and small groups like a Family Group.

General Fund

Complete the form below choosing General Fund for greatest benefit across multiple children; wiring or mailing instructions will be sent to you.

Good selection for large groups like a Children's or Youth Ministry.

What's Next?

Via email, you will receive instructions specific to the fund type you desire: If you choose the individual fund, you will be able to select a particular child and make an online payment, which goes directly for that particular child. If you choose the General Fund, you will learn how to make a donation by wire or check and be given a list of children the donation is helping. We insist on a multi-step process to ensure the safety of our children; thanks for your patience and diligence with this process.

Be sure is an approved sender for your email account.

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