Chance for Africa is a program designed to help African children so that they can go to school, particularly for the children of families in the African churches with which we partner. African schools are not 100% free. Many poor families struggle to pay for enrollment fees, books, uniforms, meals, etc. In Africa, finishing High School can mean the difference between success and desperate poverty. Chance for Africa provides the opportunity to those of us who have been blessed financially, to help an African family to pay for these fees so their kids can get an education and change the course of their future.

Young African Children
Young African Children


Mike and Anne-Brigitte were missionaries in Africa for 15 years and have seen first-hand the challenges that our brothers and sisters face to provide basic education for their children. Chance for Africa started in the fall of 2007 with 52 students from the Nairobi, Kenya church being sponsored in that first year. Currently, the program is serving 244 students with 101 on the waiting list as additional funds come in.

The program is administered by the Africa Missions Association led by Executive Director Tom Ziegler, who overseas the accounting and reporting. Children apply and are vetted via various regional representatives of AMA. Once approved the donations are carefully regulated and doled per region via AMA financial channels approved and regulated by AMA's governance and local regulations.


ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Please verify with your accountant.

Chance for Africa is a program of the Africa Missions Association designed to help students from first grade to high school, which requires a long term commitment from you, the sponsor.  Chance for Africa receives requests from every grade level; some are already in high school and may only require one or two years of support, while others require assistance for all 12 years.  The smallest of donation can do a lot of good. Please consider being a monthly donor: $30 per month can send a child to school for an entire year.

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